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Pictured Above: Manime's Founder, Édouard (second from left) and our production partners with his family


Hello there,

Exciting news! A few weeks ago, Édouard visited our manufacturing partners in China & Hong Kong, and saw the La Fidèle production in progress. We have great news - everything looks flawless.

Learn all about it below.

At Manime, we're not just confined to designing and selling; we make it a point to step out of our offices, connect with people, and visit the manufacturing facilities. This trip was truly remarkable – engaging discussions with bracelet and dial factories provided valuable insights into their industrial challenges. Witnessing the intricate 15-step process involved in crafting our bracelet, with its subtle curved sides, was fascinating. 
Every link requires manual attention, meticulously curving, polishing, and brushing, involving skilled individuals before it graces your wrist. This journey sheds light on the craftsmanship embedded in LA FIDÈLE.
Connecting with our suppliers goes beyond mere transactions; it's about understanding individuals and delving into discussions that extend far beyond business matters.
Finding the right partner was a journey in itself, and we take immense pride in having him with us. Meeting his wonderful family, who plays a role in the project, added a personal touch to the experience.
Now, the watches have arrived at our distribution center and we're starting to prepare watches for shipping! An exciting step towards La Fidèle reaching the wrists of our supporters!


We had the absolute pleasure of not just meeting the factory owners and their families, but we got to meet and see everyone who has been a part of the production of your La Fidèle.
In the image above, you can see some of the watchmakers meticulously assembling the dials - adding hands and indices, along with the overall assembly of the finished piece.
We were beyond impressed with the controlled environment in which the watches are produced, and we're certain that your La Fidèle will be perfectly crafted and look as beautiful on your wrist as our press photos.
Above you can see the improved lume being tested. Although this image doesn't fully demonstrate the brightness of the pieces, you can see the glow coming from the 2 dials at the bottom of the above image.
We've made sure that every aspect of the watch has been rigorously tested to our high standards, along with numerous visual inspections throughout the process.
Below, you can see some images of the finished dial, and also the case backs being inspected.

Complete Dial, Case & Caseback Inspection

We hope you enjoyed reading our production update.
La Fidèle will soon be on its way to our shipping centers in the final stage before shipping commences.
If you'd like one of our incredible watches on your wrist, be sure to place your order now!
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