The Origin

MANIME embodies the essence of friendship, conceived during a conversation among friends. It was born out of the vision of its founder, Édouard PARIS, who aimed to create a timepiece that could strike a harmonious balance between elegance, quality, and affordability for his friends. 

In 2020, after years of dedicated effort, MANIME officially came into existence. The name "Manime" pays homage to a cherished place in France, evoking fond childhood memories. 

Our logo draws inspiration from the yellow rose, symbolizing friendship, and the iconic hexagonal shape of France.

Our Suppliers

At Manime, we're not just confined to designing and selling; we make it a point to step out of our offices, connect with people, visit the manufacturing facilities and learn about their industrial challenges.

Connecting with our suppliers goes beyond mere transactions; it's about understanding individuals and delving into discussions that extend far beyond business matters.

Finding the right partners was a journey in itself, and that's the reason we take immense pride in having trusted and reliable partners in China and Japan.

Words From The Founder

MANIME is more than a watch brand – It’s a tribute to the bonds of friendship.

Our collections represent our commitment to creating a durable watch that can accompany you on all of life's adventures.

We remain true to our core values of delivering timeless designs with great attention to details at a fair price. As part of the micro-brand revolution, we are proud to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the market.

We believe that our models will meet our friends’ expectations (and yours!), and we're confident that our watches will be wear with pride.

Join us in celebrating friendship with MANIME.

Édouard Paris - Founder & Designer

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