How pre-orders work?

Our watch will first be sold under preorder basis! 

What does preorder mean?

Pre-order means the watch is not produced yet, you will pay for the watch and receive it when produced.

By allowing pre-orders, you will pay the full amount for the product in order to reserve it before it’s available for general public. Basically, you will be the first to receive exclusively the first watches.

What all-or-nothing mean?

The all-or-nothing basis means we have to achieve a certain target of watches sold during a certain period. This target allows us to pay suppliers and relative parties to launch the production. In the unfortunate event we do not achieve the target, it would mean the project was not successful.

But don’t be afraid, for the one that already pre-ordered the watch we will refund without any additional costs. 

What happen once I paid the preorder?

The process is exactly the same as a normal payment, you will be debited from your bank and will receive a payment confirmation by email. However, you can cancel your order and receive full refund if the production period is not launched.

The difference will be with the shipping stage, it will occur once production done. At this moment we will send you tracking details of your package.

In the meantime, we will keep you updated on the status of our target by email, our website and social media (Instagram). 

Should I wait for production time to order my watch?

In a world where it is easy to get whatever you want and receive it directly to your home, it is indeed quite unusual to ask customers to pay in advance a product they will receive later.

We know it might be difficult to accept that and we are glad to see you want the watch right now and because you are patient we will reward you with preorders price deals.

After all, this project will be bring to life thanks to you !

When will I receive my watch?

As soon as we achieve our target we will launch the production. Between the watch case production and quality control a period of two to three months is needed. Then after depend of the courier service, one or two weeks will be need to transfer to fulfillment center and then ship to your home.

For more information please visit our Shipping Policies page. 

Risks and challenges

1. Low orders

If the project do not achieve the target, we won’t be able to cover the productions costs.

In case this event happen, we will transfer you back the amount of your order.

There is no financial risks for you.

2. Overwhelming orders:

In case we receive too much preorder, the time of production might increase.

While it is a good news for us it might not be a good one for you. Therefore we will try to minimize delays and keep you updated.


For more you can visit our Terms and Conditions and Refund Policies