How does an automatic watch work ?

When you buy a watch, few things must be checked, of course you think about the design and the price, but the mechanism is also important. For the later, you can either have a quartz or a mechanical watch.

When we talk about automatic timepieces, we think about great brand names, craftsmanship excellence and exclusivity.


 But what does it really mean? How do automatic watches work?


 As opposed to quartz watches, where the watch is powered by a battery, automatic watches work with the energy created by the motion of your wrist.


An automatic movement is the alliance of hundreds of pieces and materials that once together synchronize perfectly. Precision is the essence of these complexes timepieces and the movement is, as a matter of fact, considered as the heart of the watch.


With a proper care, an automatic watch will last long, can be pass from generation to generation and will never become obsolete.




AMI Watch - Affordable Automatic Timepiece miyota

Because you don’t need to   change batteries, your   automatic timepiece will be  eco -  friendlier and have less   impact on the environment   than the smartwatches.

 Considering the intricacy   and the precise engineering  needed in   creating mechanical   timepieces, equating its   value to the effort,   dedication, and   craftsmanship of the   watchmakers are enough   reasons why these should   have a gold tag.


However, it does not necessarily mean these watches are expensive, and we believe at Ami Watch we can combine quality and aesthetics with reasonable price.





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